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Welcome to Elite Personal Training, where we're passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals! Our friendly and experienced trainers are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your unique fitness journey, providing personalized guidance and encouragement.


At Elite Personal Training, we believe in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment where you feel at ease while working towards your fitness goals. We take the time to understand your individual needs and tailor our workout programs and nutrition advice accordingly. Together, we'll not only help you reach your fitness milestones but also inspire you to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. Join us and experience the Elite difference as we unlock your true potential in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Toby Schulze

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AFPA Certified Trainer, Nutritionist, Owner and Founder

Training Philosophy:

My philosophy is the K.I.S.S. method–Keep It Simple Stupid. This means to keep your nutrition and training simple and don’t over analyze it. Stick to basics and work hard. Consistency and dedication are the keys to reaching your fitness goals.

Reason for Choosing Fitness as a Lifestyle/Career:

I got involved in this career through playing basketball at Avila College. I was quick but small and needed size and strength to play at the college level. So I started reading every magazine I could and talked to every big guy at the gym to learn about nutrition and lifting to improve my game in basketball. I was hooked on bodybuilding after I gained 20 pounds in 3 months. Was hooked so much that I didn’t go back to play basketball at Avila. Instead I concentrated on bodybuilding and went to a community college.

Bodybuilding Contest History:

  • 4th place middleweight Mr. Missouri ’01

  • 1st place light heavyweight Mr. Missouri ’05

  • 4th place light heavyweight Mr. Missouri ’06

  • 1st place light heavyweight Mr. Kansas '07

  • Overall Champion Mr. Kansas '07

  • 7th place Muscle Mayhem light heavyweight ’10

  • 2011 Light Heavyweight winner of Battle of Champions

  • Master’s 35 of Battle of Champions

  • Overall Winner of Battle of Champions

  • 8th place Jr. Nationals light heavyweight '12

  • 5th place Masters Middleweight 35+ North American Championships '12


My interests are bodybuilding and anything to do with sports. I love MU football and basketball and the KC Chiefs. My hobbies are fishing and spending time with family and friends. My goals are to make Elite Personal Training the number 1 source for training in Kansas City and to get back on stage in 2014.


Jennifer Schulze

  • Jennifer Schulze Instagram

Personal Trainer and Owner

Bodybuilding Contest History:

  • 1st in Figure A Open Division, NPC Muscle Mayhem (National Qualifier) Regional Competition
    Kansas City, MO, June 2, 2012

  • 2nd in Figure A Open Division, NPC All Star Championships (National Qualifier) Regional
    Competition, Overland Park KS, October
    16, 2013

  • Overall Winner -1st in Figure A Open and Masters Division, NPC Midwest Championship, April, 2017

  • 2nd Place Figure Masters, NPC Missouri State, July 2019

  • 9th Place, Masters Nationals (Pro Qualifier), July 2019



I really love living a fitness lifestyle. Gym time is MY time to let go and clear my head. I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, national level NPC competitor, Toby Schulze, and my 3 children, Asher, Aiden, and Olivia. My goal is to continue competing in the NPC in Figure division.

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